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The week in word news


Apparently, the New Oxford American Dictionary has chosen its word of the year, and it is…’unfriend.’ I’m not sure what I would have chosen, as, um, I tend not to like new words–maybe you’ve noticed? But how about you, readers– what would you have chosen?

Elsewhere (a high school in Massachusetts, to be precise) the word ‘meep’ has been banned.

And that is the latest from the world of words.

Friday fun


~Vote for the weirdest book title of the year! Let me know what you chose– personally, I went for “Curbside Consultation of the Colon.” Uh, as strangest title, that is.  

~ I am not a big movie person. Yes, TV, as you’ve no doubt gleaned, is my preferred form of moving-image entertainment. But I love a good worst list. This one is about the worst sequels of all time– in one man’s opinion, anyway.

~ This is why it pays to know a foreign language.