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Friday fluff


I can’t help cringing whenever I see this AT&T commercial. I don’t know if it’s the lyrics (Wow, maybe, possibly falling? You sweet talker!) or my general aversion to sap, but I definitely find it wince-worthy. How about you, readers– what commercials make you leap for the mute button?

Commercial critiques part 2: the good (or, at least, the better)


Cutest: Budweiser: Clydesdale plays fetch

The ending is funny… Box of Flowers

The ending isn’t particularly funny…but the rest is pretty amusing: Hulu: Alec Baldwin

Most clever: Moose

Most heartstring-tugging: Budweiser: Clydesdale generations

Most visually creative: Coca Cola: Bugs; Coca-Cola: Strangers

Would have been most clever if not for the koala-punching: It’s time

Commercial critiques part 1: the bad


Whew! I’ve finally finished watching the Super Bowl ads (instead of doing something sensible, like, you know, sleeping ;)). Here are my ‘awards’ (click on the name of the commercial to watch it):

Creepiest: SoBe: NFL Ballerinas   

Dumbest: Doritos: Lucky Day; Pepsi: MacGruber  

Most likely to make intelligent women cringe: Enhanced  

Most likely to make me feel like I need to shower (in other words, ickiest): Taco Bell: Smooth Moves 

Most likely to make me turn down the volume: Hyundai: Global Domination     

Most pretentious (faux-pretentious?): Heineken: Vanguard    

Most “wow” inducing:  (Addendum: Looks like Cash4Gold has bigger problems than cheesy commercials.)