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While we’re on the subject of farm animals…


I was heading to work on a particularly cold day a month or so ago when an older gentleman sitting near me on the bus struck up a conversation as I neared my stop. Noticing the small stuffed cow attached to my bag, he asked what the benefit of it was. “Uh, nothing,” I replied hesitantly. He then proceeded to tell me: “Well, there’s the milk, and then there’s the cow sh__…”

It was at this point that I decided against staying on the bus a stop longer than I usually do, possible frostbite being a preferable option to continuing this chat.

Words and phrases I could live without: volume 11



~”It’s always the quiet ones.”

~loose (It just conjures up unpleasant images.)


 ~”[Person] has forgotten more about [subject] than I’ll ever know.”


And a special reader request: “the American people” (as used by politicians who seem to think we are a single entity).


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