Just a note


When I first started getting comments, I responded to them via e-mail or on the commenter’s blog. A few months ago, though, I decided I’d respond directly in the post, in hopes of spurring conversation. (Which, um, hasn’t happened. Yet!) Anyway, I just wanted to let those who have commented know that I am not ignoring you (and that I appreciate your comments).

Thus concludes my most boring post ever. (Hey, what do you mean this wasn’t my most boring post ever?)


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  1. Basically, Oma just responds to himself to make it look like conversation. Ignore him. He’s a silly silly man.

  2. You’re confused?!? Let me tell you about confusion. I put this cat suit on and I can’t get to my car keys now because my pockets are covered.

    Also I think the neighbors cat just did some sort of mating dance when I went to the mail box.

    We can be friends, but I’m taking this damned suit off.

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