Monthly Archives: February 2010

Just a note


When I first started getting comments, I responded to them via e-mail or on the commenter’s blog. A few months ago, though, I decided I’d respond directly in the post, in hopes of spurring conversation. (Which, um, hasn’t happened. Yet!) Anyway, I just wanted to let those who have commented know that I am not ignoring you (and that I appreciate your comments).

Thus concludes my most boring post ever. (Hey, what do you mean this wasn’t my most boring post ever?)

Words and phrases I could live without reaches double digits (that’d be volume 10 for you non-math people ;))


baby daddy/baby mama


Ed Hardy


“I’d hit/tap that.”


played in (as in, “Michael J. Fox played in “Back to the Future.”” No. He didn’t. He acted in it.)

Special reader request: reach out for

The beginning of the end


In less than an hour, the last season of  LOST will commence. I both can’t wait…and can. I can’t imagine that we will see another show this multilayered, mysterious, intellectual, and unique ever again, and while I’m nearly jumping up and down in anticipation (and, trust me, I’m not someone who’s easily excitable), I’m also not ready for it to be over yet.