Tonight, it’s been a year


(Okay, technically it was a year ago yesterday morning, but I couldn’t resist an ’80s-song reference.)

One year ago, I began this blog by telling you that I was a liar. (Update: I did become a Facebooker a few months ago. But I still have a plain old–emphasis on old– cell phone and no Twitter account– in other words, the crown and sash aren’t forthcoming.) As I mentioned, I’ve enjoyed getting back to my writerly ways, and I’m thrilled that there are people who seem to enjoy the results. (Yes, I have readers now! And commenters! And subscribers!) So, thank you, and the next time you come across an annoying word or phrase, I hope you’ll think of me.


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  1. I think telling us you are a liar is the perfect way to launch a new blog! The style and grace of such an approach is nothing short of awe-inspiring and breathtaking!

    Congratulations on your staying power. :)

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