Ah, just drop already


I am not a big fan of New Year’s Eve. I’m just, in general, leery of things that are so hype-surrounded, plus there’s the added aspect of being reminded of how quickly time is passing and how much of it I’ve wasted playing Solitaire. (I swear I am not getting paid to type that–or any other!–word; I’ve just been seriously addicted to it lately.) And, frankly, is the fact that’s it’s January, in my humble opinion the least wonderful time of the year, cause for celebration? (Though I will rejoice at not having to see those cars-with-giant-bows ads for another eleven months.)

But, hey, I’m not a total New Year’s curmudgeon/Grinch/Scrooge: I do always enjoy saying, “See you next year!” even if I’ll see or talk to the person to whom I’m saying it in a few days.


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