Freezin’s greetings


This is just to let you know

That on Monday, there will be no ode

To winter (as there was to fall before)

Because the cold I do abhor!



6 responses »

  1. How about now, with you in the midst of this winter’s blow?
    Surely you’re used to the cold
    He asked, feeling bold
    Living 40 miles south of where Carolina got snow.

    (and proving why the english grade went down the drain when we hit poetry)

  2. Nay, Oma, I am most impressed
    I never knew of your poetic prowess!
    As for the weather, it must be told
    That I am, indeed, used to the cold
    Though that fact makes me enjoy it no better
    Or shiver less as icy winds bite through my sweaters
    During this weekend’s blizzard, I’ve been content to stay inside
    Wrapped in my quilt, I did abide

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