Monthly Archives: December 2009

Ah, just drop already


I am not a big fan of New Year’s Eve. I’m just, in general, leery of things that are so hype-surrounded, plus there’s the added aspect of being reminded of how quickly time is passing and how much of it I’ve wasted playing Solitaire. (I swear I am not getting paid to type that–or any other!–word; I’ve just been seriously addicted to it lately.) And, frankly, is the fact that’s it’s January, in my humble opinion the least wonderful time of the year, cause for celebration? (Though I will rejoice at not having to see those cars-with-giant-bows ads for another eleven months.)

But, hey, I’m not a total New Year’s curmudgeon/Grinch/Scrooge: I do always enjoy saying, “See you next year!” even if I’ll see or talk to the person to whom I’m saying it in a few days.

Flushing Bay


Jason Bay is a good player, and is said to be a good guy. I’m glad we (yes, I’m one of those fans who refers to their team as “we”) signed him, not least because it will, at least temporarily, quiet the annoying ‘fans’ who accuse the Mets of being cheap, despite having one of the highest payrolls in the game. But, wow, that’s a big contract.

Tedium, thy name is (company name deleted)


I write this as I lie

Waiting for the cable guy

“He’ll be there ‘tween 12 and 4.”

Yet no footsteps have neared my door

I’ve bided my time with many a glare

And countless games of Solitaire

I got a call at 4:05

He’s running late, they apologized

His arrival should be within the half hour

The rep’s seeming sincerity made my mood a bit less sour

The phone rings again; he’s here at last!

While writing this post, the minutes have passed

So here’s a suggestion: to pass the time

Let out your frustration in a rhyme! 



Another post


When I was a kid, I always thought that I would feel older or different on my birthday. I never did. But in the five days since I turned 3 thir twenty-nine plus one, I have felt a slight difference. I kind of feel like I have an extra shadow trailing behind me, reminding me that time is marching swiftly on. Sadly, this shadow has done nothing to curb my recent addiction to Solitaire.