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The week in word news


Apparently, the New Oxford American Dictionary has chosen its word of the year, and it is…’unfriend.’ I’m not sure what I would have chosen, as, um, I tend not to like new words–maybe you’ve noticed? But how about you, readers– what would you have chosen?

Elsewhere (a high school in Massachusetts, to be precise) the word ‘meep’ has been banned.

And that is the latest from the world of words.

Words and phrases I could live without: volume 8– with my very first poll!


~ “bros before hos”

~ chill

~ holla!

~ hot mess

Concise book review No. 8: “The House at Riverton”


After I read (and loved) Kate Morton’s second book, “The Forgotten Garden,” I decided to go back and read her first, “The House at Riverton.” “House” is narrated by 99-year-old Grace Bradley, who was a maid at the titular house in the early 1900s. During a party, she witnessed the death of one of the guests; now, 75 years later, a movie is being made about the incident.

To say that “House” doesn’t quite hit the heights of “Garden” is not at all an insult; I liked it very much. Grace, both in the early part of the 20th century and in 1999, is an engaging narrator and the story is suspenseful, with a tragic, haunting denouement.

Thirty ’til thir– No. I can’t say it.


In exactly one month from today, I will be…well, no longer in my 20s. Now, I certainly don’t think that 30 is old, but it’s an age at which I feel that things, both personally and professionally, should be more settled than they are for me. And so I have come to think of this birthday as Scary Milestone No. 1™.