Words and phrases I could live without: the accidentally-all-apparel (and halfway to double digits!) edition


~ Hollister (See my friend Omawarisan’s post. Actually, check out his whole blog. He’s very funny. :))

~ mom jeans

~ put on your big boy/big girl pants



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  1. Oh, do not get me started!
    oooops …too late

    1. Any mixed cliche; i.e. ‘That really gets my dandruff up.’
    *If you must use trite expressions, use them correctly.

    2. ‘Yo, Dawg’ & its evil twin ‘whass happenin, dude’
    *I blame American Idol for this one.

    3. ‘Moving experience’
    *Perhaps based on my military career.

    4. ‘Pushing the envelope’ & its evil twin ‘thinking out of the box’
    *What envelope? What box? Did you wake up in Staples this morning?

    5. ‘Put on your big girl panties’
    *…ahem.. you really do not know me that well!

    6. ‘Been There; Done That’
    *Information overload; please stop sharing. Seriously.

    7. ‘Pretty as a picture.’
    *…um… Picasso? DaVinci? VanGogh? WHAT?

    8. ‘Smart as a whip’
    *I’ve seen whips afire, whips in rodeos, whips on movies–
    but never attending college.

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