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A word, phrases, live without…you know the drill: part IV


(In case you do not, in fact, know the drill:

~ baby bump (You might think, judging by my post titles, that I’d never met an alliteration I didn’t like. Wrong! ;))

~ Book/movie titles containing the phrase “Confessions of a…”

~ jump the shark (Funnily, “jump the shark” long ago…jumped the shark! It’s so meta!)

~ meta ;)

Okay, readers– your turn.


Friday fluff


I can’t help cringing whenever I see this AT&T commercial. I don’t know if it’s the lyrics (Wow, maybe, possibly falling? You sweet talker!) or my general aversion to sap, but I definitely find it wince-worthy. How about you, readers– what commercials make you leap for the mute button?

Where I’ve been


Mostly my bed. And also, for a few hours Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, the E.R., after I briefly passed out. Yeah, I’m sick. And bored (whoever thought sleep would lose its charms?). And feeling rather isolated.