Concise book review No. 3: “Case Histories”


I liked Jackson Brodie, the main character in Kate Atkinson’s “When Will There Be Good News?” so much that I decided to go back and read the two previous books featuring him, of which “Case Histories” is the first.

Much like “When…,” “Case Histories” focuses on intertwining stories of crime; though the coincidences bothered me a bit, I ultimately decided that I liked the “we’re all connected”-ness of them. Also as with “When…,”  the characterizations shone — Atkinson is so good at capturing humanness.  I also admire her ability to alternate between humor– I literally laughed out on several occasions– and heartache– I also cried on several occasions.

I did leave the book with some unanswered questions–or maybe, more accurately, things I’d liked to have seen explored further– but, even more than that, I left with a sense of hope.


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