Words (and a phrase) I could live without: now it’s a trilogy!


~ fail (Possibly as in, “You’re doing this again?! Fail!” ;))

~ frenemy

~ hater

~ just that/not that into

As always, please feel free to add words and/or phrases you could live without in the comment section. Oh, and here is the original post, and here’s the sequel.



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  1. The maplocThe map widget thingy in the left sidebar–as it appears on my browser, (Firefox) completeely blocks the left half of this text area and the comment box. I wanted to write and thank you for commenting on my poetry blog and to tell you that I’m enjoying your work.

    A phrase that I can live without is: ‘a whole nother story/issue etc. Since when did ‘nother’ become a word??? It bugs the crap out of me when people use that expression. MaybeI need to let it go. . . ;-)

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