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Words I could live without


I love words. Love weaving them into sentences, love crosswords and other such puzzles. But I could live without seeing or hearing these words again:


~cougar (and I don’t mean the animal)

~tweens (especially in reference to Sasha Obama. She’s seven–a little girl!)


Feel free to add words you could live without in the comments, and also check out:

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Young and restless


(No, I’m not talking about a TV show, for once. ;))

I was literally restless Thursday night into Friday– I absolutely could not sleep. I finally got a few hours’ worth in the late afternoon/early evening (I had this week off, luckily), but not only did my sleeplessness torpedo my plans for yesterday, it seems determined to continue to wreak havoc, as I am still awake, head a-pounding.

But that’s not what this post is about. Over the past few years, I’ve just had these periods of restlessness, of feeling that there was something I should be doing, something new I should be seeing. Maybe photography will prove to be the something.

(Hmm–I guess sleep-deprivation makes me let down my privacy shield a bit. :))

Friday fun


~Vote for the weirdest book title of the year! Let me know what you chose– personally, I went for “Curbside Consultation of the Colon.” Uh, as strangest title, that is.  

~ I am not a big movie person. Yes, TV, as you’ve no doubt gleaned, is my preferred form of moving-image entertainment. But I love a good worst list. This one is about the worst sequels of all time– in one man’s opinion, anyway.

~ This is why it pays to know a foreign language.